Monday, December 31, 2012

The Hobbit!

Sorry this is a bit late. I saved the post in my drafts and forgot about it. This Christmas break has been crazy busy, but luckily that is coming to an end. I have a few posts to share with you all. 

My sister and I joyfully showed up for the midnight showing of The Hobbit. We were thirty minutes early (just so we could park somewhere decent). It was well worth being early though. We made friends and took many fun pictures. Everyone loved our dresses and was impressed we made them.
Check out the fun pictures we took...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Elven Dress

Here's a funny story for you. I bought my tickets for the Hobbit and got all dressed up last night. Our tickets said "12:00 am thursday". The time changes at midnight so naturally we thought it was last night we got to see the movie. Wrong... It's tonight. We got to the theater and it was almost empty. 
At least we had a dry run for the movie. Dress rehearsal right?

We took some late night pictures to show off our handiwork at least. 
Here's my sister's dress. She made it from Simplicity 9891 (I think). I love the fabric its a beautiful lilac color that turns into a dark purple. Got to love ombre. 

I finally made my dress elven dress. You can't tell in the picture but its a beautiful eggplant taffeta (taffeta is normally on my yuck list). The dress was really easy to make. Well, it took an hour to just hem the thing. Over all it took two days to sew (thats including breaks because of finals). I used Butterick 4827. I added the bell sleeves, and redrafted the neckline. which I LOVE!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Sewing and Finals

I have one more week of school until Winter break. Right now I'm juggling finals and sewing my elven dress. Couldn't the Hobbit come out a little after finals? Oh well I'm managing. I chose Butterick 4827 for my dress. I'm doing a few alterations to make it more appropriate for me. (making the neck line less wide, and adding bell sleeves) More on that later. Though I LOVE the dress so far, and it's been easy to put together. I can't wait to geek it out in my dress when the movie comes out!

Ok I have a paper to write. I'm just letting the world know I'm still alive and plan to reunite with ya'll really soon!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Simplicity 2690

Aww I'm so cute. Or dorky? Okay, I'm both. I am in love with this pattern! This is my second shirt I made with it. I bought this fun print at Joann's thinking to use it for a dress. I think it would have overwhelmed me. So here comes a nice top! The fabric is soft and flowy (is that a word?)  I made a ribbon tie for it and it's perfect.

Here's a 'better shot' haha. I'm serious guys I'm doing my research paper. This is just what happens when I have a free day. :)

Preview of christmasy getup... more to come

Elven Dress Time

I know last post I wrote about making a jacket. I think I'm having a serious case of sewing ADD, or just ADD (I should be writing an English paper right now). Here's the deal my inner geek wants to dress up to see The Hobbit opening night. Can you blame me? I've been wanting a fairy/elven dress for sometime now. So even though I should be getting ready for finals I'm about to make a elven gown.
This may be the most expensive thing I've made. It calls for about ten yards of fabric!! I tried to get the cheapest fabric. Even though there was some nice fabric for $12/yard- but the wallet said no.
I ordered some eggplant satin and some white sain. Next week I'm going to buy the pattern. I'm going for something like Simplicity 9891.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Winter Coat

I am on a quest for a nice winter coat that is not wool. Boy, is that easier said than done. After going to the store and only finding coats that I sorta liked, and three times my budget I have decided to make one! If I start my quest now, I may get my coat done by next winter. Hahaha.
I ask you, my readers, where is a good place to find some jacket material that is not wool? Cotton would be ideal.
Also, what pattern would be best? I call myself a decent seamstress, but I don't want to do fifty modifications. I found V8465 cute, but the reviews made it sound like a headache to make. Then I found S1759, cute, but there are no reviews. Maybe I'm chicken, about making a jacket with out reviews on the pattern. I just don't want to start cutting it out and realize I'm in a pickle!  

Here are the two I narrowed down my search to. B5424, I love the victorian style. The full skirt is fun too.
The other one that looks workable is S2508, I love that it has four collar choices, and a few choices to spruce up the coat. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Late Halloween Post

It's a bit after Halloween, so This post is a bit late. School may be the death of me.
With out further adieu... my flapper dress!
Roaring Twenties Couple
I really wanted to share my halloween endeavors. I turned an ugly 80's dress into a perfect flapper dress. I spent HOURS unpicking to take out the extra fabric. I got the dress at Savers for a buck, and loved the drop waist on it. I didn't like the ugly jacket or the length... Well all I liked was the waist line and the lace pannel- Though the pannel got altered too.
Playing Minute to Win It
I made Ben spats, and a vest for his costume. I thought spats would be an easy make. I only made one muslin for them, but boy was it time consuming!
And the vest... I now know to follow instructions the first time not the 3rd time. I spent forever trying to turn it right side out.  Luckily Ben helped make the covered buttons, and my new machine makes buttonholes a dream. I embroidered Ben on the inside to give it a nice touch... Just incase he forgets it's his vest.

Update! -I found before pictures of the dress-
Eh hem...

You have to admit this is a creative shot. I hung the dress from our fan.