Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Elven Dress Time

I know last post I wrote about making a jacket. I think I'm having a serious case of sewing ADD, or just ADD (I should be writing an English paper right now). Here's the deal my inner geek wants to dress up to see The Hobbit opening night. Can you blame me? I've been wanting a fairy/elven dress for sometime now. So even though I should be getting ready for finals I'm about to make a elven gown.
This may be the most expensive thing I've made. It calls for about ten yards of fabric!! I tried to get the cheapest fabric. Even though there was some nice fabric for $12/yard- but the wallet said no.
I ordered some eggplant satin and some white sain. Next week I'm going to buy the pattern. I'm going for something like Simplicity 9891.

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