Friday, November 16, 2012

Winter Coat

I am on a quest for a nice winter coat that is not wool. Boy, is that easier said than done. After going to the store and only finding coats that I sorta liked, and three times my budget I have decided to make one! If I start my quest now, I may get my coat done by next winter. Hahaha.
I ask you, my readers, where is a good place to find some jacket material that is not wool? Cotton would be ideal.
Also, what pattern would be best? I call myself a decent seamstress, but I don't want to do fifty modifications. I found V8465 cute, but the reviews made it sound like a headache to make. Then I found S1759, cute, but there are no reviews. Maybe I'm chicken, about making a jacket with out reviews on the pattern. I just don't want to start cutting it out and realize I'm in a pickle!  

Here are the two I narrowed down my search to. B5424, I love the victorian style. The full skirt is fun too.
The other one that looks workable is S2508, I love that it has four collar choices, and a few choices to spruce up the coat. 

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