Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Me Made May

So Zo has been holding a Me-Made-Month challenge for quite a few years. I missed it last year due to doing military stuff most of the month. It's hard to be me-made when you are stuck in an issued uniform. The year before I did participate and enjoyed it.
This year me-made will be a little bit of a challenge. My baby bump is slowly growing and I have already packed away a good chunk of my clothes. This challenge will help me build my maternity wardrobe and learn to dress a bump. Dressing a mini-bump is hard!
I Natalie, promise to wear at least one me-made item each day of May. I promise to share my tips and things I learn about dressing a bump, and maternity friendly indie patterns. (that promise is until the baby comes). 

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Colette Laurel Blouse

I've been pretty dead to the world lately. Here are my excuses 1. I'm taking too many classes that require my reading/writing skills. 2. School is just busy. AND 3. I'm pregnant! Woohoo! Let's celebrate!
So to celebrate my slowly growing bump, I call it a pudge right now, I bought the newest colette pattern. The pattern came out at a good time for me. I need some fun clothes that are loose right now. 
I also took my baby-bump as an excuse to buy a little more fabric. Luckily Lisette had their poplin on sale. I couldn't reasist the cute red white and blue print with little paper boats. Perfect for summer!
I took a few liberties with this pattern. I shortened the sleeves, I felt the elbow-length and the stripes was a little much on my small frame. The second was the neckline  One of these days I'll keep a neckline  how it is drafted to be... but in my defense high necklines make me feel like I'm choking. 
Here's a boring view of the shirt hanging out on a chair.

Here's my "model" shot. I went down to the boat harbor by my house on the way home from work. 

And here is a view of the lake and mountains on my way home. Isn't that just beautiful!?!

Sorry for the ugly blurs. My photographer was at work, and with morning sickness I chose to take pictures while I'm feeling good. P.S. notice the mini Nancy Drew in the corner of the mirror?
I'm loving the red belt. My mom Saw my shirt when I wore it over a week ago, and grabbed the belt from her closet for me to have. She was telling me she probably hasn't worn it in 30 years. The belt breaks up the pattern and gives everything an hourglass shape. The top is great sans belt too! WIN!

I had to brag. That line on the left is a seam! I love how nice things lined up on this top.

If you look really hard there is a pocket there! I love how hidden it is. I feel like I can secretly stash some candy in there.

And as a finishing thought here is my heart neckline. I have too much fun with decorative stitches. The hearts aren't noticeable, but I don't mind, It makes me smile knowing they are there.