Thursday, November 8, 2012

Late Halloween Post

It's a bit after Halloween, so This post is a bit late. School may be the death of me.
With out further adieu... my flapper dress!
Roaring Twenties Couple
I really wanted to share my halloween endeavors. I turned an ugly 80's dress into a perfect flapper dress. I spent HOURS unpicking to take out the extra fabric. I got the dress at Savers for a buck, and loved the drop waist on it. I didn't like the ugly jacket or the length... Well all I liked was the waist line and the lace pannel- Though the pannel got altered too.
Playing Minute to Win It
I made Ben spats, and a vest for his costume. I thought spats would be an easy make. I only made one muslin for them, but boy was it time consuming!
And the vest... I now know to follow instructions the first time not the 3rd time. I spent forever trying to turn it right side out.  Luckily Ben helped make the covered buttons, and my new machine makes buttonholes a dream. I embroidered Ben on the inside to give it a nice touch... Just incase he forgets it's his vest.

Update! -I found before pictures of the dress-
Eh hem...

You have to admit this is a creative shot. I hung the dress from our fan. 

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